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Implementing change can be a challenge, with even the most senior executives turning to experienced individuals to bring the vision, insight and strategy needed for successful change management.

Few organisations have a well-defined and communicated strategy for growth or change and if they do, it is quite rare to see this embedded in the way people embrace it in their day-to-day activities.

Failure to create a well-developed and communicated strategy for change is a missed opportunity, since emerging competitors might offer your customers better options or introduce game-changing technologies. Aligning innovation in your supply chains to customer needs must be embedded in your business strategy.

EVR is built upon decades of experience; each member of our team understands the constraints under which businesses operate, making us perfectly positioned to help you develop and implement a clearly-defined, and achievable strategy - crucial if you want your business to see real, pervasive improvements:


Adapt to and seize opportunities as they arise, focusing your attention on making a difference


Empower and enable devolved decision making whilst maintaining control and reducing risk by effective use of systems


Ensure you have the fundamentals in place needed to survive market challenges


Use automation to eliminate inefficiency and focus finite resources on value-added activities


Become smarter and embed sustainable improvement


Adopt new ideas and systems as technologies develop


Develop a culture to embrace change and continuous improvement

Our approach is to knowledge transfer,
to share the 'art of the possible' and enable incremental
improvement and benefit realisation

Innovation &
Creative Approach

Incremental Better
and Best Practices

Vision yet

Best in Breed

Companies we have worked with

We work with best in breed technology providers

Our experience and expertise spans mainstream systems because clients use us to drive business value by process transformation. Our change management engine is agnostic to the software solution

Working with EVR brings you the experience,
guidance & technical expertise that you need to:

Evaluate your current processes

Understand how your current situation works and why it does not

With an easy-to-follow assessment model, you’ll gain true insight into your current capability – resulting in a comprehensive picture of your situation

Discover how your processes and technologies enable your people to deliver value to your organisation

Identify your areas for development

You’ll establish exactly what needs to be done to meet your objectives using our change management solutions, breaking up the tasks into a series of manageable, realistic stages, each of which will deliver incremental benefits

Build your overall strategy

Gaining buy-in with stakeholders, you’ll develop a plan that combines immediate, practical improvements with long-term, business-driven goals aligned to the change strategy for your organisation. Your bespoke improvement programme will ensure you do not necessarily create a ‘me too’ organisation

Implement your improvements

Working alongside EVR’s experienced team, you’ll roll out the changes you need to make, ensuring everything remains focussed on the business case for change and benefit realisation

Monitor and assess your progress

To make sure your project remains on track and you avoid any pitfalls, on-going reviews will give you the insight you need to adapt and update your approach every step of the way. Steering your project is key to organised change